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Online Shop

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from 1500€

Online Shop

Your company wants to sell online and needs an online shop? Then just contact me and we will make an appointment and discuss everything else. As a Shopify partner, I usually create online stores using the simple and popular Shopify store system.
First of all, I always like to discuss what you need for your online shop and how you imagine it. The first consultation is of course free of charge!
Then I develop the first drafts, which I then discuss closely with you and finalize. During this so-called concept phase I will keep you updated with the status of the online shop design and I am open to changes and suggestions on your part.
The design of an online shop usually takes about 1 week. Then there are the legal aspects that I have to discuss with you and will adjust in the online shop. The time required can vary greatly, depending on the workload and your availability.

Now that I have finalized the online shop and you have given your consent, I will publish the online shop and continue to manage it for you if you want to change things.

With a finished website, I always recommend upgrading social media marketing and strengthening your company's online presence on Google, Instagram, Facebook and Co. Just have a look at "Social Media Marketing" or "Google Marketing".

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from 750€


Your company needs a website or urgently needs a new look?

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from 100€

Business Videography

Does your company need professional product or company videos?

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from 1500€

Online Shop

Your company wants to sell online and needs an online shop?

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from 150€

Social Media Marketing

Can't find your company on Facebook or Instagram?

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from 100€

Google Marketing

Would you also like to be found on Google Maps and displayed high up on Google?

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from 50€

Business Photography

Does your company neprofessional company, product or real estate photos?

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